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Company Profile

We are a different kind of advertising agency (Nah! Not just because of our name). But because of our business approach, which is to know about You. And only when we truly know and understand how your business works, we crack ideas and give the right creative solutions that make a big difference. For us, an idea is an idea only if they help your business grow. Whether it is a print campaign or a car sticker, we make sure there’s an idea in all. So it’s not just a good looking design piece anymore but it transforms into an effective communication medium. We also strongly believe that a sound strategy is the foundation for a brand’s success. What’s uncommon is that we go to any length to make that happen. To shape your brand, we tend to discover those powerful insights. The kind that can transform your brand and connect with your customers. The way we approach, the way we think, the way we execute -- Everything about us is a bit hatke! We are Purple Melon, a 360-degree creative agency with expertise in branding, designing, advertising, digital marketing, web development, production and photography. Purple Melon Communications Pvt. Ltd. started operating in Delhi, India since 2010. We are relatively a small agency with passionate people working towards one common goal: building the brand and making our clients look good.

Our Vision

Before any design work is done , a strong plan is formed to ensure your communications are as effective as possible.

PURPLE MELON COMMUNICATIONS can help you put together strategy foe getting your message to your audience across a variety of media , maximizing impact & market penetration.

We can help you formulate a strong marketing/communication plan with the Several Creative & Media services.

Why us

Purple Melon Communications is all about thinking above the mundane level. Our precedence is to cater you the most excellent and lets your company or product give a new rise with new heights. We are here in the field of advertising just for the love of it and want you to love it too with a different outlook.

At Purple Melon Communicationss advertisings, we are focused on meeting our client’s requirement and needs and helping them in the optimal manner. Our unique competence is strong network of media professionals across the country which enables us to deliver integrated, scalable, healthy solutions with the optimal cost/performance ratio to our clients. Which makes us exceptional than the plethora of existing executers in the field.

We can help you formulate a strong marketing/communication plan with the Several Creative & Media services.


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Purple Melon Communications Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Vishal Verma
F-50, 2nd Floor or 3rd Floor, Gurudwara Road,
Madhu Vihar, Patparganj,
Delhi - 110092.
+91-11-42657596, 8745055505